Since 2002 Clitheroe Builders have been erecting high quality garden fences in the Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley. What we provide:

  • Complete fence installation
  • Secure groundwork
  • Bespoke fencing to suit your taste and needs

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A typical day in Clitheore

You can choose from a wide range of fencing styles and materials with the promise of fast, solid assembly and installation. Whether you’re looking for low front garden fences or a secure perimeter around your back garden Clitheroe Builders is the team for the job.

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Fence Options

We’ve all seen low quality fencing in B&Q. Nobody deserves that for their garden. You buy shoddy fencing you get shoddy results. Here at Clitheroe fencing we only source the highest quality wood with an assurance of even higher standards of installation.

Newly installed fencing
This could be your new garden fence

Treated pine offers a high quality cost effective solution being chemically impregnated with herbicide and fungicide to deter rot and burrowing insects.

Cedar on the other hand is rich with natural insecti/fungicide properties giving the wood its trademark aroma. For those who want a garden fence to last generations, cedar is your choice.

You can choose between picket fencing, slat fencing or a combination of both to meet your desired outcomes. Picket fencing is the classic choice for your front garden, allowing visibility from your windows while clearly marking the boundaries of your property.

Usually, we dig our foundations to a depth of 40 cm, and use quick set concrete for fast and clean installation. Our chief aim is to maximise efficiency, and minimise unnecessary stress.

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