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Take a quick look at our paving stone buyers guide bellow for some important things you need to consider when creating your new patio…

Paving Stones

Here in the UK we have an enormous variety of stone at our fingertips. There are two basic categories to look out for: local stone and imported stone. Generally speaking, should you choose to support domestic quarries you’ll pay a premium, but with the assurance of superb quality.

For those looking for a more affordable option or specific style, imported stone is right for you. It should be noted that with imported stone, quality varies a lot as rigorous testing is not assured. However, working with local suppliers our clitheroe flagging specialists have a keen eye for spotting the finest materials.

When it comes to imported stone, Indian sandstone flags are the material of choice for most clients. They’re cheap, weather well and look the business- even coming in a wide range of colours. Despite being incredibly durable, its recommend you treat your new patio with sealant, ensuring superficial damage is kept to a minimum.

Indian paving stones

York stone is the preferred local stone for us up North as well as being the primary slab of choice for high end London property development for centuries. Perfect for flagging in the Ribble Valley.

Known for its unmistakable character, York stone is extracted from ancient quarries in the isolated Yorkshire dales. For maximum durability, it’s tight grained and naturally infused with quartz.

We organise our stone into three primary categories:

  1. Firsts- selected for premium aesthetics and high quality nature, these slabs are most often used on large commercial projects subject to EU and UK regulations.
  2. Seconds- of good quality, these slabs are affordable and of decent shape often rivaling firsts in overall appeal for a fraction of the price.
  3. Seconds Rejects- these slabs vary greatly in quality and appeal and are not a recommended for any client.

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