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Artificial Grass or the Real Deal?

For those of us living busy lives, an artificial lawn can prove a worthy investment. Low to no maintenance, cost effectiveness and picture perfect appearance will ensure your grass will always be greener.

You’ll save money in the long term and add significant value to your property. Now, let’s weigh your options…

How to pick your artificial lawn

There are many advantages to an artificial lawn. Chief among which is the obvious fact you don’t have to get the lawn mower out.

Although artificial grass is made of plastic, it’s important to know it won’t last forever. Clitheroe builders offer a wide range of artificial grass types, and installation options for your dream garden.

Artificial grass recently installed
You’ll never need to mow this grass

First off, builders clitheroe offer Nylon lawns. This versatile material is hard wearing, perfect for those with a busy garden. Whether you’ve got an unruly puppy, mischievous little ones or frequent garden parties- this is the option for you.

Next, for those looking for a more affordable option, Polyethylene artificial grass is the perfect fake grass for you. While it’s not as hard wearing, as Nylon it still has that quality astro turf look and feel.

So if you don’t get out into your garden much and want a less maintenance intensive experience- this is the best choice for you.

Finally, we have Polypropylene, our least durable but most cost effective artificial grass solution in the Clitheroe area. Perfect for patch covers and small lawns that are left relatively un-trodden.

How to Care for Your Artificial Lawn

So, now you’ve selected the preferred grass type for your garden, you’ll need to know how best to maintain its lovely green appeal. As Clitheroe’s premiere artificial grass specialists, our garden installations can come along with advanced weed protection barriers.

Glistening artificial grass
Low maintenance, high appeal

However, nothing is perfect. So we recommend the application of weed killer roughly twice a year. Furthermore, if you notice a build up of fallen leaves and twigs it’s best you give your grass a quick sweep with a medium to soft bristled brush. This minimises damage to the grass fibres, while also giving your garden a fresh appeal.

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