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Walls are a classic feature of any well maintained garden. The addition of a low wall will add depth and verticality to your outdoor space. We create bespoke solutions, tailored to your land and desires.

In the UK we’re lucky to have access to such a wide range of high quality stone. For instance, reclaimed cobblestones are full of charm and have become a staple of timeless construction in the Ribble Valley.

Here at Clitheroe Builders our challenge is meeting modern demands with effective modern solutions. In doing so we hope to construct timeless features, that will outlast those who commissioned them and serve many generations to come.

The Ribble Valley is bursting with local heritage.

Innumerable builders over hundreds of years contributing to the appeal of our lovely corner of the world. It’s only right we should expand upon the beauty of the built environment left for us and create new effective spaces.

Perhaps you want to create an atmospheric patio with a sheltered gazebo. Well, a wall is the right boundary and a natural wind barrier, lending timeless class and aesthetic appeal.

Not only can you live the benefits, but the value will be held within your property, should the time to sell come. A new garden wall is a shrewd investment that we believe is surely to appreciate over the years to come.

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